"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou

Booking a session or wedding with me is much more than "paying for pictures", it's making an investment into life long memories!

My mission is to capture and display your moments of excitement, love, success, gratitude, joy, happiness and raw FEELINGS through photography. Those times are more precious than any amount of money and letting me capture them to relive over and over is an extreme honor. Think about it, when your wedding day is all said and done, what will you have to look back and remember it by? What will you have to show your kids and grandkids?

Aside from Jesus and Family, photography is what I'm most passionate about and I strive daily to give every client something they will cherish forever.

I invite you to join the Ap Photography family and fall completely in love with your life through my eyes!


Engagement sessions are included in ALL of our wedding packages as a complimentary booking gift!



2020 Wedding Collections start at $1,800.

I'd love to have a consultation with you to build a package that fits your style!


Quincy, IL

Project Obscura

Las Vegas, NV

Ross + Sarah

New London, Mo

Maxwell & Monroe

Louisiana, Mo

Biggs Family

Bowling Green, Mo


Sessions are meant to be memories

displayed on the walls in your home. Not a disc of photos stuffed in your drawer.

I don't want to hand you digital files and say "good luck",

no, I want to help you put art on your walls!

Contact me to brainstorm a session.

Russell Family

Louisiana, Mo

Meyer Family

Moscow Mills, Mo

Jared + Kyleigh

Frankford, Mo

Larissa - Senior

Frankford, Mo

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